Eco-friendly EcoGuardian™

Introducing eco-friendly EcoGuardian™ system for treating Aquatic Invasive Species in a ship’s ballast water. Treatment method is side-stream type which enables the system to be remotely installed away from the ballast lines. The EcoGuardian™ system can be installed separately by unit. So relocation of other equipment and additional engineering can be minimized.

EcoGuardian™ Key Features :

  • Automatic backflushing filter unit removes large organisms and solid particles above 50;

  • Automatic backflushing operation starts when the pressure difference between the water inlet and outlet reaches a certain value; ∙ 

  • The side stream of the ballasting water goes through the electrolysis unit that generates the high concentration of TRO (Total Residual Oxidants). The concentrated stream is then injected back to the main ballasting line

  • Electrolysis unit (including electrolytic cells, rectifier/transformer, booster pumps, conductivity sensor and degassing devices) produces sodium hypochlorite solution in situ which disinfects the residual planktons, pathogens, larva or spores

  • Neutralization unit adds sodium thiosulfate solution into the treated ballast water to neutralize the residual TRO during de-ballasting

  • When ballasting maximum TRO concentration is limited to 9.0mg/L

  • When de-ballasting MADC (Maximum Allowable Discharge Concentration) is 0.2mg/L TRO as Cl2

  • Control system including PLC, HMI and auxiliary equipment