EcoGuardian™ Ballast Water System


EcoGuardian™ system uses the side-stream type treatment technology of filtration + electrolysis to treat ballast water.  The system can be installed skid mounted (shown), containerized or separately.


Current Approvals

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E-MAS (Engine Monitoring System)


E-MAS monitors & analyzes the engine performance of on-board and land-based engine systems from the E-MAS Center.  E-MAS brings customers the effect of increased reliability and cost savings by providing the optimal maintenance program available for that individual installation.


L.O. Centrifugal Filter


Centrifugal Filter has proven to be the key factor in reducing the component wear while increasing the oil and life cycle to provide a clean, low maintenance and environmentally friendly solution for the engine.  Centrifugal filter requires a supply of pressurized oil and in majority of applications the oil supply is obtained at engine pressure through the lube oil pump.  Incase of insufficient oil pressure the pump capacity can be exchanged.  In addition, we recommend the filter to be mounted at a 10 degree angle.  This helps the oil leaving the centrifugal filter to fall back to the engine's oil sump under gravity. 


MGO Chiller Unit


The fuel system consist of normal heavy fuel oil tank and an MDO/MGO fuel oil tank for operation in restricted areas and on some systems equipped with a fuel switch from HFO to MDO/MGO.  Viscosity on the engine can be influenced by many factors such as engine condition and maintenance. fuel pump, engine adjustment, fuel temperature in the fuel system, and human factors. The MDO/MGO cooling can be installed after the circulating pumps as shown in the diagram.  The advantage of installing the cooler just before the engine/generator is to optimize the viscosity regulation at the engine/generator inlet. 


Splash Oil Monitoring System


Splash Oil Monitoring System immediately shuts of the engine even at the slightest increase in crank-case oil temperature to prevent major engine damages.  


Cargo Pump System


The pump system is the core equipment for tankers and carriers to safely transport products all over the world.  Our technology of Cargo Pump System can improve your efficiency by an estimate of 80% and increase impeller and volute pump performance while decreasing the vibration/noise level.