Field Services

From our mechanics to our electrical engineers, we deliver according to the World Best expectations of our parent company, STX Engine Co., Ltd., our local company, STX Service Americas, LLC and most importantly, according to the expectations of our customers. Our service capabilities include, but are not limited to, all levels of engine/generator inspections and overhauls, engine room maintenence planning, performance and management, troubleshooting and repairs, crankshaft replacements, turbocharger upgrades or overhauls, operational analysis, various retrofits and upgrades, electrical solutions and even pipe bening and welding.


STX-MAN Low Speed Marine Main Engine (2-Stroke) Reconditioning Services

STX-MAN 2 Stroke (Main Engine) Labeled.jpg

Some of, but certainly not all, the services we offer for 2-Stroke engines include:

  • Cylinder cover and liner reconditioning

  • Piston crown reconditioning

  • Spindle reconditioning

STX-MAN & STX-CUMMINS 4-Stroke Main Engine, Auxillary Engine, Gen. Sets Reconditioning Services

Alongside overhauling every component of a 4-Stroke engine, we offer:

  • Cylinder liner honing

  • Cylinder head pressure testing

  • Sandblasting

And more…

Stationary Power Generation Engine

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Turbocharger Services

We offer dynamic balancing and complete overhaul on turbochargers.

Green Initiatives

stx-scr system

stx-scr system

STX is proud to participate in the global initiative providing “green” alternatives, options and solutions. We have made substantial investments toward development of our own sound solutions, such as the STX-SCR System (pictured on right) or a customized ballast water treatment solution, while our day-to-day operations also practice protection of our environment. Our management policies are designed to preserve the world we live in while protecting the safety of our employees. Within our World Best philosphy, our group manufactures engines, engine solutions, energy and marine solutions that respect the environment’s needs of tomorrow.


Customizing Shipping Containers

We custom build or use your existing containers for easy transport of reconditioned engine components and tools.